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Scouting the enemy: Toronto Maple Leafs

Let's put Thursday's debacle behind us and try to make good tonight.  Unfortunately, the Maple Leafs are coming off a tough 1-0 shootout loss last night against the Rangers and probably thinking the same.  The only difference is the Leafs managed to grab a point out of that game whereas the Penguins...well, nevermind.

Looking back on the preseason, the Pens walked out of the two matchups against the Leafs with back-to-back wins.  But it's preseason.  Aside from providing a slight hockey fix in the months before the season, you can't really take it for anything more than a scrimmage.

Our buddies at Pension Plan Puppets will no doubt be in full force tonight, so feel free to stop by and show a little Pens love on the Leafs page.

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