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Pittsburgh Pengiuns top Jokerit 4-1 in preseason finale

No broadcast. 

No pictures (as of right now). 

It's almost like this game didn't exist.

Best recap of events courtesy of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.  Other than that you'll be hard pressed to find a substantial contribution.  It's like following Olympics coverage all over again.  Only this time I actually care.

Crosby had three assists.  Pascal Dupuis, Evgeni Malkin, Tyler Kennedy and Ruslan Fedotenko netted a goal each.  Sabourin gave up the only goal to Jokerit.

That's basically all you need to know. 

I apologize - this is the worst recap in the history of Pensburgh.  But with no game to watch/listen to and with a general disconnect from Finland it definitely isn't easy.  I'll scope out some more information later, but I'd imagine there won't be much more since it'll be way past Finland's bed time by then.

One word sums it up - whatever.  The regular season starts up on Saturday and the coverage will surely be more saturated then this early-morning European marketing event.

Dismiss this 11:30 game and let's move on to the regular season Saturday at 2:30.