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Tales of the Tape: Carolina 10-24, Paul Bissonnette vs. Dan LaCouture

If you haven't gotten to know Paul Bissonnette yet, then I may assume that you're a bit squeamish when it comes to hockey fights. Bissonnette lit up the preseason with his fists and hasn't stopped in the regular season. Better yet, he's really good at what he does. Case in point - his fight against Dan LaCouture just into the 1st period of last night's game against the Hurricanes.

Bissonnette came out swinging and when LaCouture moved in to him, he met the fists to his head. After losing his helmet and a bit of his balance, LaCouture could do nothing but take a beating from Bissonnette. On my call, that's a win for the good guys.

Before I get to the poll seeing who you think won the fight, I want to mention some changes to Tales of the Tape from last season. As polls are now dependable for me (they never seemed to want to post last season), I will be keeping tabs of the victors that you, the Pensburgh community, decide through these polls, as well as my own decisions. So when I give a player's fight total after a video, it will have two win-loss-draw ratings: mine and yours.

Unfortunately, I can only post one poll per post, so check back around noon for the game's second fight between Eric Godard and Wade Brookbank. You'll be glad you did...until you see the fight.