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Tales of the Tape: Carolina 10-24, Eric Godard vs. Wade Brookbank

What's that? Bissonnette's fight not enough for you? A little under the halfway point in the 2nd period, Eric Godard got into the fighting act against Wade Brookbank, but it didn't quite work out so well for him as it did for B-Net (nickname approved by Pensburgh's own Frank!).

Godard started off strong, but had a tough time getting his hand free to punch, and ended up missing quite a few blows. When Brookbank lost his balance it looked like Godard had the fight in hand, but Brookbank got back up and laid into his opponent with some vicious shots before Godard shifted for the takedown.

Though Godard did get the takedown, the flurry from Brookbank was too much for me to rule it as a draw. I would call this one a loss.