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Tales of the Tape: San Jose 10-28, Eric Godard vs. Jody Shelley

Not going to spend too much time on this fight, because had it not been officially ruled a fight, I wouldn't have designated it as such. If Eric Godard could have taken a five minute major for 'getting beaten down', I think he should have. But enough of my belly-aching. Let's take a look.

The fight started out like any other, but when the two tied up, Godard seemed to be surprised by Jody Shelley's ability to punch with the hand that was also holding his jersey. Godard didn't get many shots going (like the Pens in general last night, har har) and when Shelley pulled his jersey over his head and proceeded with the beating it was all over. I don't see how you could call this anything but a loss for Godard - and to a man named Jody. That's got to sting.

By the way, this has been Eric Godard's 5th fight this season. In comparison to last year's team, it took Georges Laraque until December to tally five fights. Godard is currently tied for second in the NHL for fights with Columbus's Derek Dorsett and just one behind one of Pensburgh's favorite punching bags Riley Cote of Philadelphia (whom Godard defeated, if you recall). Doesn't look like anyone will be questioning Godard's role on the team anytime soon.