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Let's check out the schedule...

All right, I promise to not complain about west coast time changes all that much here.  Fact is, I credit the west coast hockey fans for their allegiance, but if you're watching a game three hours earlier it's much easier than three hours later.

That's all I'm going to say about that.

Tomorrow night the Penguins take on the Coyotes in Phoenix.  Not all that big a problem in terms of traveling from San Jose, right?.  Of course, the Pens didn't fly out until after today's early morning practice in San Jose because the city doesn't have outgoing flights past midnight.  So much for that.

So the boys slept it off briefly before hitting the ice again around 9/10am.  From there they caught a flight out around noonish to Phoenix, where I'm sure they're going to touch down, check in and crash out. 

Let's just hope the trip isn't too taxing because the Pens still have one more on the road Saturday in St. Louis before they head home.

Now this isn't so much what I want, but more what I think the team needs.  The Pens need to win tomorrow and Saturday.  They need that confidence boost following two straight drops and really have to get back on track here.

Next month's schedule doesn't appear all that grueling.  The Pens take on the Islanders twice, but later follow it up with two games against the Sabres.  As for additional division games outside of the Isles, the Pens have one meeting each with the Devils and Flyers.

And then of course there's this whole Red Wings/Penguins game on November 11...

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let's just focus on tomorrow first...