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Scouting the Enemy: Phoenix Coyotes



Leading scorer: Olli Jokinen (1G, 6A, 7pts), Shane Doan (4G, 1A, 5pts)

Blogs: Coyotes Hip Check

10:00 game.  Adjust accordingly.

The Coyotes are coming off a 4-1 loss to Calgary just this past Saturday.  They've had more than enough time to rest up between then and now, which cannot be said for the Penguins.

Olli Jokinen leads the team in points but Shane Doan is at the top of the team for goals.  He's basically doing everything he should've done last season when I had him on my fantasy roster.  But I digress...

Ever since I saw Peter Mueller take to the ice last season I feared he would one day step up as a real force in the league.  He's 6'2", can throw his 200 pounds frame around and isn't afraid to shoot.  I'm sure Coyotes fans will agree (looking at you Odin) - he's a good player, but he's going to get plenty better.

Ilya Bryzgalov is in net for the Dogs, a guy who nearly made his way to Pittsburgh last season following Fleury's ankle injury.  However, Phoenix claimed him off of waivers so fast that you'd think he was fitted for his jersey in advance.  If I'm not mistaken, his first game in Phoenix last season was a shutout.  This year he's 2-3 start and remains 0-1 against the Penguins in his career.