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Pittsburgh Penguins 4, Ottawa Senators 3 - Tyler Kennedy nets two


Shots fired form the grassy knoll

Tyler Kennedy opened and closed the door for the Pittsburgh Penguins' season opener in Stockholm, Sweden, scoring less than a minute into the game and again in overtime with less than a minute remaining.

And the best part?

He wasn't even supposed to start.

In fact, it wasn't announced until a short time before the game that Petr Sykora would be a scratch and Kennedy would replace him.

Talk about a move that benefited the Pens.

Overall, how do you think the team looked?  I was happy with the power play unit  despite their inability to convert with over eight minutes of time in the first period.  I was also happy to see a game with a ton of shots - 30 for Pitt, 35 for Ottawa.

What I wasn't happy with, but I'll dismiss in light of the win, is Eric Godard's apparent issues with agitators.  I have no doubt that Godard could've, would've and some would even argue should've knocked Chris Neil out.  But at the time when he took his penalty the score was 2-1 Pens.  The penalty turned in favor of the Senators, tied the score, and before the period ended it was 3-2 Ottawa.  That one penalty and his desire to drop mitts shifted the momentum of the game and nearly cost the Pens a win.

The Lucky: Eric Godard, for not costing the Penguins the game and ultimately saving himself from a three-month stint in Therrien's dog house.

The Stupid: E3, Sundin to Pens?  (If it's not on HB now, give it time.)

The Awkward: In the post-game presser, Tyler Kennedy fielded a question by replying along the lines of (again, not EXACT quote), "I worked really hard in the summer and built up my confidence and so my confidence is high from working really hard in the summer."

I'm going to try and find that quote again.

Next Game: Tomorrow, 2:30, Ottawa