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In case you didn't know, Sergei Gonchar is out

You're looking at about 150 minutes for your typical hockey broadcast.  Times that by two games and you obviously get 300.  So I think it's safe to say that roughly 290 minutes of the 300 weekend were spent listening to announcers talk about Sergei Gonchar and his absence from the lineup. 

We know.  We get it.  Next.

If you actually thought the Penguins would be content coming home with two of the four available points in Sweden, then you are mistaken.  My favorite quote of all the ones floating around after the series isn't so much a motivator, but instead that of a player who realizes personal accomplishments hardly mean a thing if you don't win.

"It (stinks).  We were on the power play all night and ... whatever. Last second, it doesn't mean anything."

Alex Goligoski

I feel like their is a slight sense of panic surrounding the team right now.  Therrien is doing his best to replace Gonchar's shot, and you really can't blame him for that.  But before these guys even have a chance to play more than a game together, the Pittsburgh papers are jumping on the idea that it's just not working. 

Therrien, much to his credit, is trying to make it work.  He's throwing Malkin on the point, working with Letang, tried Sydor and Orpik on Saturday, worked in Goligoski on Sunday and even used Scuderi in Game One with that Crosby-to-Whitney-like give-and-go play.  He's too erratic with his line choices.  It's the coaching equivalent of ADD.  He just needs to give it time.  And by that I mean, more than two shifts.

Miroslav Satan is not blind to the constant switches either and, personally, I sense he held back from saying a bit more in the Trib-Rev.

"We changed the lines a lot, trying to find the right fit.  I don't know what to (say). I guess we have to keep looking for (chemistry)."

Miroslav Satan

"I don't know what to say" is, to me, just a way of holding back from saying "it was ridiculous."

Petr Sykora will return soon enough.  There is something about this guy and injuries/illnesses at the beginning of the season.  Last year, if you remember, Sykora broke his nose in practice and played a handful of games for the Pens with a piece of plastic jammed up his nose.  Sykora's addition to the lineup may help clear up some question, especially for the power play.