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New features on Pensburgh

I want to use this downtime before the Pens' schedule really kicks into action to tell you all about some of the newest features available on Pensburgh.  Read on for the shweet details.


First off, if you've noticed that a fanpost is getting some action but gradually moving down the list in terms of immediacy, there is a new solution to that.  Now you can treat the fanposts section like a message board by visiting  This will allow you to check out the last 25 fanposts without having to click "All Fanposts" on the main page.  Bookmark it and treat it like a message board if you'd like, but be sure to check back on the main page as well for updated stories throughout the day.

Onto the next feature - thanks to our good buddies over at Pension Plan Puppets, we'll soon have a fun contest/game debuting here on Pensburgh.  Each time the Pens take to the ice, we'll look to have you guys pick which Penguins will record the first shot on goal, first goal and first penalty; SPG for short.  I'm talking to some sponsors about getting a nifty prize for it, and I think we'll use the All-Star Break as a good finishing point.  Perhaps if it goes well, we'll kick up another one for the second half of the season, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. 

So go here and make a username.  This is bound to be a good time and I'd really like to see us get a hearty competition going on.  I plan to play, but I can't promise I won't win.   After you sign up, it'll ask you to confirm in an e-mail.  From there, return to the site and select the calendar.  This is where you'll be able to click ahead in the games and make your picks.  As of right now our friends are still working on it for us, but it'll be up and running soon so don't hesitate to start it up.

And of course, if you guys have any suggestions for anything on this site speak up.  Remember, it's just as much yours as it is mine.  I want people to stop by and have a good time with it.  So any ways we can make this easier/more fun for you will always get our attention.