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Get your votes in for the 2009 All-Star Game


Loyal Penguins fan,

Here is your mission - should you choose to accept.  Visit and tally up your votes for Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Marc-Andre Fleury.  You may also nominate an additional forward and two defensemen for a total of three (3) forwards, two (2) defensemen and one (1) goalie. 

You'll notice a hesitation on defensemen.  Both Ryan Whitney and Sergei Gonchar are listed as picks for the Eastern Conference.  No sense in knocking loyalty here, so let's do something about it.  You will notice at the bottom of the form that you may write in two votes.  Even if the guys are healthy by January (likely for Whit, highly doubtful for Gonch), it's unfair to say they earned their presence there and it's likely they'd feel the same way.  Therefore, I elect all readers, members and friends of Pensburgh to write in Kris Letang and Alex Goligoski.  Maybe their numbers don't match up like other defensemen, and maybe they aren't as popular as their predecessors (yet), but if two injured Penguins are going to have their place on the ballot than the least we can do is replace them with healthy guys who can represent the team.

From there you may also vote for the Western Conference and gauge your picks based on reputation, folk lore or their sensitivity towards the Penguins during inter-conference games (I prefer the latter). 

Rinse and repeat as often as you see fit.

Get votin'.

Props to Mirtle for the heads up.