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Marc-Andre Fleury pop-up video

Pop-up video.  You know, that quasi-famous perhaps even cult-like show during the 90s that popped up interesting/pointless facts about musicians during the music video.  Great pointers like how Phil Collins is wanted for shoplifting in 40 countries*, TuPac is living on an island with the "dead" Beatles** and Boy George dresses in make up even when not on camera***.

Well the Penguins have a series of pop-up videos that display on the jumbotron during gametime.  Thanks to Penguins TV, out-of-market fans can now get a look at some of the features shown during games.

Check out the Marc-Andre Fleury video after the jump.

MAF is by far one of the more charismatic members of the team. If you remember last season, he and Max Talbot pulled a prank on Sid by having Fleury actually curl up inside Crosby's equipment bag , incidentally scaring the crap out of Sid when he got back to the dressing room. In another instance, Fleury egged Talbot on before a game to put on Sid's gear and skate out before a game (Canucks, Flames?) and raise his stick to the fans. He's just a quirky dude and all-around prankster.


*Not true
**Definitely not true
***That one's true