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New features come to Pensburgh

Listen up friends, I got some really great and exciting news to share with you. is now your home for player stats, team schedules and roster updates.  If you look across the toolbar at the top of the site now, you'll see three options to pick from:

Who got the call up?  Who's the oldest, tallest, heaviest?  This is your place to go.  Each player name is entirely clickable, with a player profile and updated stats available for each player.  If that's not enough, when you click on a player you will also see a list of stories where they were labeled.  So in the case of Dany Sabourin, you get his stats for the season and stories surrounding his last few starts. 

Not only can you check the results of previous games and the schedule of upcoming matches, but you can also go back to all of the coverage of each game by clicking the word "coverage."  For example, here is all of the coverage surrounding last night's game, from the pre-game post to the post-game finale.  Fact is, Pensburgh is becoming more and more of an all-in-one site each and every day.  All of these additions will save you the effort of having to visit countless sites for your info.

Everything you could want for each and every player on the Penguins' roster, complete with clickable profiles.  Just a quick reference point for you when you need to know who has the best shot percentage on the team (Satan). 

Last but not least we have the news feed.  When you want to get the wire service and see what crazy stats they can come up with this is where you want to go.  For example, the news post before last night's game showed a history of Penguins and Flyers match-ups since the 2001-02 season.  Really some awesome stuff.

Keep in mind you can also now tag your fanposts and fanshots with individual players.  If Eric Godard is the feature in a fanpost, then you type in his name in the designated box and your work will show up under his Pensburgh player profile. 

So go crazy, have some fun and check out the new and enhanced  As always, thanks for reading and stopping by.  I hope to see some new fanshots, fanposts and comments with all of these great features.

I'd also like to extend a special thanks to SBN's tech team for this great addition to the site.