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Tales of the Tape: Minnesota 11-18, Jordan Staal vs. Erik Reitz

I've been under the weather as of late, so I didn't tune in for yesterday's game, but of course I knew I had to check for fight penalties - keep the Pensburgh crew happy. When I spotted one (finally - they've been behaving themselves as of late) this weird little word was sitting next to it: "Staal". I refreshed my page to make sure it was correct.

I've seen better fights than this little number that broke out early in the second period, but keep in mind that this has doubled Jordan Staal's NHL fight total. Sure, that may not be impressive if you consider that his earlier fight number was 1 - imagine if Eric Godard doubled his fight total in a single game.

This one's short and sweet, but our boy really took it to Erik Reitz. After a little bit of dancing, Staal starts unloading on Reitz's head before overshooting and losing his balance, to which Reitz tries to take advantage as the linesmen come in. It was a strong showing from a non-fighter, and it gives Staal the win in my column.