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Marc-Andre Fleury day-to-day, likely out for Thrashers game

I've read rumblings of a knee injury.  In fact, even that was vague beyond vagueness.  I feel the term "(knee)" labeled next to his name on sports line sites is just a generic way of labeling a lower-body injury.  Besides, Michel Therrien has said is nothing too serious and Fleury could technically play if needed.

But you know what?  Dany Sabourin is fine.  At 3-1-1 he's about as good a backup as you can get.  His only regulation loss came to the San Jose Sharks, a 2-1 offensive drought that came with an overall rough road trip late last month.  In a perfect world he'd have a 5-0 record, but you can't focus on the shoulda, woulda, couldas.  I'm content with his current record and more than willing to see him in net tomorrow night against the Atlanta Thrashers.

John Curry got the call up from Wilkes Barre-Scranton to suit up for his first NHL game last night against the Wild.  It's likely he'll remain with the team tomorrow night in Atlanta, although highly unlikely he'll earn a start during his short time up.  Either way, should we see Curry in the future, at least he has a chance to chill the nerves a bit.  If you remember last year's story of Connor James flying into Long Island and landing late, then Curry's story of a slow drive in the snow might have a similar tone to it.