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Scouting the Enemy: Atlanta Thrashers


Record: 7-8-2

Leading scorers: Bryan Little (9G, 8A, 17pts), Vyacheslav Kozlov (10G, 6A, 16pts), Ilya Kovalchuk (6G, 10A, 16pts)


For some reason the Thrashers still think Will Farrell's movie Anchorman is a good way to present keys to the game.  Various players dress up and pretend to host a pre-game show.  It's kinda dated.

But onto the scouting report...

Ilya Kovalchuk is just diesel when it comes to playing the Pens.  There's no other way of saying it.  Over 23 career appearances against Pittsburgh, Kovi 17 goal and 13 assists.  That's 30 points over 23 games.  Impressive.  Heading into this game he's amassed 10 points over six games, so don't think he'll require any less attention than he deserves.

Kari Lehtonen hasn't done much for the Thrashers this season.  Much like last year, Lehtonen is working his way through injuries early in the year.  His back stiffed up on him earlier in the season, followed by a bout with what many said was the flu.  He's yet to return and it's more than likely Johan Hedberg (3-3) will start between the pipes.

Finally, tonight is also a chance to catch a glimpse of the former Penguins Erik Christensen and Colby Armstrong.  Colby earned the alternate captain title for this season and has since posted a mild seven point start (2G, 5A).  Christensen is also off to a (typical) slow start with eight points (1G, 7A).