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Ryan Whitney may practice with Penguins today

Finally, some good news about injured players.

Ryan Whitney will likely skate with the Penguins today, his first time hitting the ice since opting for foot surgery back in August.  If Whit doesn't practice today then he'll definitely be on the ice for Monday's session.

You know what's especially great about this?  The Penguins are winning games without him.  I mean that in a positive spin, not to disrespect.  Whitney can take his time coming back and not worry about rushing the rehab along in hopes of assisting an ailing team.  Sure, I suspect he'll be a huge help to the power play when he's 100% healthy again, but it's not like the Pens have gone 0-8 this month. 

How's this for disgusting?  8-for-56.  That's the rated success of the Penguins' power play over the last 13 games.  The Pens are also the worst team on the road when it comes to converting with the mad advantage. 

As long as the Pens keep winning the PP shouldn't be all that detrimental, although it would definitely help. 

Ryan, here's to a hasty recovery...