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Marc-Andre Fleury injury update

It doesn't look like we'll see Marc-Andre Fleury in net this Wednesday against the Islanders.  Michel Therrien is quoted in today's Tribune-Review as saying:

"We don't know right now how long Marc-Andre will be out.  (Sabourin) is definitely playing really well. He's very sharp. He's square to the puck. He gives us a chance to win hockey games, and that's what you're looking for from your goaltender."

Michel Therrien

MAF isn't practicing either, which of course isn't the best of signs.  Plus, it's looking like Sabourin may need to take a rest sometime soon as well.  After Wednesday's  game against the Isles, the Pens have back-to-back games with the Sabres on Friday and Devils on Saturday.  Under normal circumstances with MAF in net, that would often mean he'd get one game and Sabu would get the other.  But now, with Sabourin on full-time duty, I'm thinking we may seen John Curry's NHL debut by next weekend.

As for the actual injury, by definition it is still labeled as the inconspicuous "lower-body" injury.  Other specifics, as seen as injury updates on gambling sites and line makers, label it as a "knee" injury. 

Despite the 3-1 loss to the Canucks yesterday, Sabourin still managed a solid game.  The two regulation goals were the result of a Vancouver team that isn't afraid to charge the net and a Penguins team that is too apprehensive to play the man. 

I still stick my Sabourin as the temporary starter, but urge Fleury to make a swift return.