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Tales of the Tape: Vancouver 11-22, Matt Cooke vs. Jannik Hansen

What is going on with the fights this season? We pass a game against the Flyers with not a single fight, yet a game against Vancouver starts a series of brawls in the opening seconds? Vancouver?

This one was a little crazy to sort out, but I'm going to do my best. Matt Cooke hit a pretty hip check to Alexander Edler that sent him flying, leading to the whole confrontation. Cooke began a staredown with Jannik Hansen until he was nailed from the side by Alexandre Burrows. Brooks Orpik came in and pulled Burrows off, and Cooke went after Hansen.

However nice the setup, though, there was really nothing here. Hansen and Cooke traded some weak blows, then as Hansen went to pull Cooke's helmet off, Cooke locked him in a headlock and the linsemen broke the scrap up. I give it both a draw and a letdown.

This did lead to a plethora of penalty minutes, however. Cooke and Hansen both got fighting majors and game misconducts, and Tyler Kennedy and Ryan Kesler both got double roughings, because apparently you actually have to fight to get a fighting major, rather than simply posing. I'll have Orpik and Burrows review shortly, but it will be the same video.