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John Curry gets win, Evgeni Malkin gets hat trick in 5-3 win over Islanders

Final - 11.26.2008 1 2 3 Total
Pittsburgh Penguins 0 1 4 5
New York Islanders 2 1 0 3

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What a game, huh?

This wasn't the first game of the year where we sat at the edge of our seats, fought off that tingling sensation in the tips of our fingers and tried to shrug off the pain in our chests.  Heck, it definitely won't be the last.

It would seem the Penguins follow a simple formula: let the other team build their confidence, let them get comfortable with a lead and then shatter their hopes in the third period.  It's worked before, it worked tonight and it will work again.

I can't decide which goal was prettier: Crosby's goal that made the game 3-2 Isles or Malkin's sliding goal from Sid's diving assist to give the Pens the lead.  I think I'll take the latter, but you know I'm going to try and post vids from both.  Just stellar plays.

Dany Sabourin was uncomfortably shaky to start the game, but it happens to the best of em.  Luckily John Curry was able to get his skates wet early in the second and ultimately carry the Pens to the win, the first of his NHL career.  Overall Curry played a solid game in net, stopping all 11 shots faced.  The defense also tightened up the play towards the end of the game, so it was hardly a solo effort.

The story of the night was, without a doubt, Evgeni Malkin.  Three third period goals, similar to Jordan Staal's feat over the Red Wings earlier this month, carried the Pens back in yet another come-from-behind victory.  Unbelievable.

Let's just be happy it wasn't another overtime game.

The good: Hey, Brooks Orpik got a goal.  Don't forget that.

The better: John Curry looked comfortable in net, which definitely alleviates any doubts to his first NHL start, most likely coming around this weekend.

The best: Evgeni Malkin.  No questions asked.

Next game: Friday night against the Sabres, 7:30