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Tales of the Tape: New York Islanders 11-26-08, Eric Godard vs. Mitch Fritz

Happy Thanksgiving, all you Americans! As for you Canadians, you had yours last month, so don't feel bad. While Thanksgiving is not really a gift-giving holiday, the Penguins decided to give us a somewhat lengthy scrap last night, courtesy of Eric Godard. You remember him, right?

The whistle was blown at 9:38 of the first period and Godard locked up with Mitch Fritz of the Islanders. Fritz came out with the advantage at first, but then came down to basically shaking Godard's jersey. He tried to get it over his head (Kenny Wu style) but Godard would have none of it. Godard began trading between gut shots and head shots. Only problem was that he failed to get Fritz's helmet off - you can see him shaking his hand after each hit. Finally, the action came to a close when in a somewhat humorous moment, the two basically looked for the linesmen to break them apart.

I'm having a bit of trouble calling this one, so I guess I'm going to go with whatever you voters choose. And ladies, don't let Godard's exposed abs sway your vote. Guys, too.