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SBN Hockey blog roundup + a glance at the Edmonton Oilers


I'm thinking about making this a weekly feature, but I just can't decide what day I want to do it on.  So until I do you'll just have to deal with sporadic installments of this look at the hockey blogosphere.  Here is a quick collection of news from other hockey blogs around the network and the Interwebs.

A quick look into our upcoming game against the Oilers, calls out the Pensblog for not making a friendly wager with them.  Pensburgh doesn't sell shirts, so I guess that kinda rules us out of the game, but I wouldn't be against making a friendly wager of sorts with an Oilers blog.  I'm all about having some fun with it, although I normally do my best to avoid resorting to pithy name calling.

Chris Campoli scored two overtime goals for the Islanders last night to beat the Blue Jackets.  Sorry, only one counts.  [New York Islanders Blog]

Ovechkin is back in the lineup for the Capitals after missing two games to visit his ailing grandfather in Russia.  [Washington Capitals blog]

James Mirtle lists some of the UFAs who have yet to find a home.  Former Pens goalie Jocelyn Thibault is among them.  [Hockey blog]

St. Louis Game Time is sticking by their belief that the first period of Saturday's game set the stage for a Blues ein.  We won't tell them that we thought it was going to be a losable Pens after the first. [St. Louis Blues blog]

Pension Plan Puppets picks on southern hockey broadcasts for their lack of knowledge and negativity.  Amusing read.  [Toronto Maple Leafs blog]

The Sabres just keep winning.  Just last night they shutout the Brodeur-less Devils.  [Buffalo Sabres blog]

The Avalanche are competing in one of the hardest divisions in the league.  [Colorado Avalanche Blog]

Hockey Wilderness gets all zen on us, asking, "If the Wild win in the desert and nobody was able to see it, does it really happen?"  [Minnesota Wild blog]

Apparently the Red Wings and Blackhawks had to wait this long for info on the Winter Classic.  I don't remember last season taking this long, but I could be mistaken.  [Red Wings blog]

The Sharks are rolling over opponents.  Their most recent prey: Colorado.  [San Jose Sharks blog]