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Penguins Lull Open Thread


Dunman posted this up yesterday afternoon to give us all a lil place to meet up and talk hockey.  So I figured I'd move it back up to the top of the page to see what's on everyone's mind now that Pascal Dupuis is due back Thursday , Sid responded to Semin and the All-Star ballots are out.  Jump into the convo and join us on your lunch break or anytime during the day.  (Might I also suggest minimizing the window at work). ...Frank...

With the Penguins' victory over the Blues now almost three full days past and the next game against Edmonton still two days away, you may be experiencing a bit of withdrawal.  I know I'm desperately trying to get my hands to quit shaking and Frank's already been placed in a padded cell.

 So, oh great Pensburgh community, what's on your mind?  Since there's no game to comment on, let's talk about something else.  What teams are impressing you thus far this season?  What teams are letting you down?  What kind of adjustments would you make to the Penguins lines?  How long did you have to wait in line to vote?  Is Frank rigging the SPG results (he totally is)?

This thread is open for anything - just keep it clean and keep it relatively polite.