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Tales of the Tape: Edmonton 11-7, Eric Godard vs. Steve MacIntyre

After a few losses in his last fights, Eric Godard is back for more. 5:48 in the 1st period, Godard was ready to go with Steve MacIntyre, and finally turned out the win.

After exchanging a few blows, Godard pulled a little jab number on MacIntyre for some quick shots to the face. If you recognize the move, it's because the exact same move was used against Godard by San Jose's Jody Shelley in his last fight. Whether or not that's where Godard got the move is irrelevant. I think it's neat.

After trading a few more shots, Godard got the upper hand and continued to pound on MacIntyre with his right fist until finally he connected with a shot that cost MacIntyre his balance as well as, in my opinion, the fight. Definitely a good brawl.

Check back in a couple hours for the second fight of the game! But until then...