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Tales of the Tape: Edmonton 11-7, Matt Cooke vs. Theo Peckham

This one I was actually a little torn over whether to add it to Tales of the Tape. The feature covers brawls that result in a five minute major penalty for fighting, but the fight between Matt Cooke and Theo Peckham at 5:06 in the 3rd period last night resulted in only a major penalty for Peckham. Finally, I decided since Cooke was involved, I should count it, though it really isn't pretty.

Cooke was going crazy with the hits, which led Peckham to ambush him and start swinging before Cooke even had a chance to drop his stick and gloves (didn't he ever see D2: The Mighty Ducks?). Cooke tried to defend himself, but took some savage hits before the linesmen got in between the two, which actually didn't stop Peckham, who swung again and connected with Cooke's head. I would consider this a win for Peckham, but his hand has to be hurting from repeatedly punching Cooke's helmet.

A notable thing here is that Cooke did not get a major penalty for the fight, instead getting 2 minutes for roughing. Peckham, on the other hand, got penalties for fighting, instigating, and a misconduct. I'm not quite sure on the details of that, but I have a feeling the ambush and the swing through the linesmen have something to do with it. I know I don't like the guy now.