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When will the Pittsburgh Penguins decide to play 60 minutes of hockey?


Earlier today Dunman posted up a fanpost about a comment he saw on the CBS boards regarding the Penguins' lackluster efforts during the third period this season.  One of the lines that stood out to me:

Additionally, weak statements such as "it was a learning experience", are only applicable when you actually learn something..... saying that repeatedly as you do it, is just making excuses.

That's 100% true.  How many times can the Penguins, particular Michel Therrien, turn around and say it's "a lesson learned?"

"We were glad to get the two points, but in the meantime, it was a good lesson again.  We lost total momentum this game, and it was tough to get it back."

Michel Therrien
Pittsburgh Trib-Review

Apparently there's always room for one more...

How is it that you learn a lesson again?  Sure, repetition is the key to perfection, but this is just getting ridiculous.  Besides, you're not really learning much when you keep doing it. 

For all the fandom in the world, I can't help but rag on Matt Cooke a bit for stating the blatently obvious in his post-game remarks:

"We have to look at how hard we played for 35 minutes and got ourselves the lead by doing all the right things and doing the simple things.  If we just continue on like that, we're gonna give ourselves the best chance to be successful."

Matt Cooke
Pitt Trib-Review

Thanks, solid assessment.  That's borderline John Madden style.

"Well ya know, what they did there was score a touchdown.  Touchdowns get you points and points win you games."  Genius.

But maybe I should lay off a bit, huh?  It's not like they lost the game, although by the time Edmonton scored goal number four on the night I was preparing myself for it.  Fact is, the Penguins can't put themselves in this kind of position so often.  It's not good for team morale, it's not good for the record and frankly it's not good for the fans.  Do they have any idea what kind of hell they put us through last night? 

Saturday we take on the Islanders.  The commercials on FSN couldn't exude more confidence.  "Watch as the Penguins head out to Long Island to hand the Islanders another loss."

Let's calm down a bit.  Prioritize.  Try not to hand yourself a loss before you start dishing them out to other teams.