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Scouting the Enemy: New York Islanders


: 4-8-1

Leading scorers: Trent Hunter (5G, 6A, 11 pts), Mark Streit (4G, 7A, 11 pts), Doug Weight (2G, 9A, 11 pts.)

Blogs: Lighthouse Hockey

Before the Islanders lost to the Thrashers Thursday night it actually looked like they were getting things rolling.  Considering the fragility of the Penguins lately, I suppose we should offer a small thank you to the Thrashers.  The last thing the Pens need is more fodder like that in their head as they shoot out to Long Island.

Earlier this week the Islanders dished a loss to the Rangers, something that will always get a congratulatory nod from Penguins fans everywhere.

In case you're wondering why Rick DiPietro isn't playing on your fantasy team or racking up stats this season, that's because he's *surprise* injured.  It's looking like another 2-3 weeks on his knee, based on the last I've read.  I'm sure Dominik at LightHouseHockey can provide further details on that.

And so the Penguins will face goaltender Joey MacDonald.  Who?  Right.  MacDonald has had a few stints with different teams around the league, including the Red Wings and Bruins.  So far this season he is 4-5-1, but maybe the Pens have a slight edge since he's never faced Pitt.

Or then again maybe not. 

Last season the Islanders and Penguins finished with an even 4-4 series.  Guys like Miroslav Satan and Ruslan Fedotenko managed to bust through the Penguins' D and net a few goals in the process.  Look out for them tonight, only this time in the black and gold.