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Dany Sabourin's shootout save against Islanders


I was looking around blogs and sites for a chance to see a closer shot or freeze frame capture of that final shootout goal. Since I couldn't find one I figured I'd do it myself.

Some are arguing that the puck went across the line with Sabourin's pads, which would ultimately make it a goal. Others might say it was still low enough on his left pad that it never crossed the line.

This is frame just before Sabu pushes his leg out. This is the furthest his pad was to crossing the line.

Sabu is sliding backwards towards the net, are his pads both behind the line? If so, that would make it a goal. But the fact is it's inconclusive based on the notion that no one knows where the puck really is.

Sigh. If only the glow puck were still alive today. THAT would have solved this issue.

Check out the highlights after the jump and see for yourself: