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Scouting the Enemy: New York Islanders


: 10-16-2

Leading scorers: Doug Weight (6G, 20A, 26 pts), Trent Hunter (11G, 10A, 21 pts)

Blogs: Lighthouse Hockey

Dominik from Lighthouse Hockey feels the Pens have a win pending tonight.  I want to believe it, but I guess after watching the Pens lose three straight to the Senators, Sabres and Devils I just can't allow myself to walk into a confidence trap.

If Pitt plays anything like they did last night against the Devils then the Islanders have the upper hand.

But it's not like the Islanders are really picking up ground in the Atlantic either.  They've lost their last four and six of their last seven, so really if this were a game based on the the past week for either team it'd be a close resemblance of a Toilet Bowl.  Or is it Toilet Cup in hockey?  Who knows.

Either way, the Islanders will look to stick it to the Pens tonight.  Pitt got banged up pretty bad by New Jersey so it's likely they'll come out limping a bit.  Yet as far as I can recall, the Pens have not lost the second half of a double-header all season. 

Doug Weight is five points away from 1000.  I like the guy and all (and he's done wonders for one of my fantasy leagues) but I'd prefer it if he'd stay low key tonight.  Last season Al Arbour set his milestone for most wins and games coached with the Isles against none other then the Pens.  While I doubt Weight will miraculously pull off a five-point game, I remain skeptical based on the sheer fact that teams just tend to set little milestones like that when they play against Pitt.