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Pittsburgh Penguins' new arena named Consol Energy Center

Get used to saying that, because starting in 2010 that'll be the name of the Pittsburgh Penguins' new arena for 21 years.

If you've been privy to FSN-Pittsburgh broadcasts, or have sat in the confines of Mellon Arena, than the name should sound familiar.  Consol Energy has really amped up the sponsorships over the last few seasons, even though they've been a staple company in the area for over a century (longer than the Canadiens' existence in fact).  You also may be familiar with those promos before a game where the logos blow up from too much of an electric charge, provided by none other than Consol Energy.

Aside from the slight chance of naming the place "Primanti Brothers Arena," I really didn't have much doubt that Consol Energy would try and get on board with the naming rights.  Hey, there's a lot of money to be made and they have it to spend.

I'm just wondering if we can finagle some sort of nickname out of this.  The Prudential Center in New Jersey is nicknamed The Rock, so what can we work with?  I mean, we've already had The Igloo so maybe we can work that one over too if we can't think up something else.

Mirtle suggests Igloo 2.  I'm not opposed, although I'm thinking Igloo 2.0 amidst this whole digital age and such.

Have your own suggestions?