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Mutant League Hockey Meets Pittsburgh Penguins


Did anyone else play this game on Sega, or am I the only one?  In this riveting comic rendition of the great Canadian past time, you skated around the ice as mutants/skeletons in hopes of doing what any hockey player has in mind - score goals.  But only in this game, much like Kris Beech's career, you run a good chance of falling apart in a collision, losing a limb on a check or blowing up when you skate across a land mine.

Nowadays you can't find games like this.  Sure, people are going for the whole "realistic" thing more and more, to which I can honestly say there's no complaints.  But when it comes to some ruckus arcade action, nothing hits home more than a little Mutant League Hockey.

Where am I going with this you ask?  Well, it kinda ties into a recent collect of photoshops done by...someone.  All I know is it's called NHL Mutants and it is by far some of the best photoshopping I've seen on this side of the blogosphere.  But instead of just mummifying/mutanizing(?) players, it poses as more of a crossbreed.

Take for example Mike (Commodore) Malkin and Evgeni (Mike) Ricci:

Mikemalkin_medium Evgeniricci_medium

Sidney Jokinen isn't half bad either, but my favorite really has to be Martin (Brodeur) Laraque.  Check them all out here.

Stick tap to From the Rink for the linkage.