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Ryan Whitney close to return, Colby Armstrong got rocked

[Update: 1:17pm] Thanks to TrueBluePSU for pointing this out.  Whitney has been sent down to Wilkes-Barre on a conditioning assignment.  Looks like we can eye up his progress from there.

I know, we've been hearing it for a month now.  But seriously, he's getting closer.

Rob Rossie from The Tribune-Review writes:

A day after injured defenseman Ryan Whitney acknowledged "no change" to his status, coach Michel Therrien admitted Thursday he has an idea when one of the Penguins' top offensive weapons will return to the lineup.


What exactly do you think Therrien's reponse was?  If you guessed, "Vague, unclear and hazy speculation" than you are correct:

"Closer, he's getting very close."

Michel Therrien 'elaborates' on Whitney's return

We've read enough at this point to know that, so thanks MT.  Whitney himself said earlier this week that he is eyeing up a return for the Lightning game on December 23.  I for one think he's due back against the Devils on the 26, but that's just my speculation.  Either way, if your fantasy hockey team is struggling for a defenseman than now might not be that bad a time to finally pick up Whitney from waivers.  That is, if he wasn't drafted and placed on the IR earlier.

On to other talk...

Did anyone else see Colby Armstrong get rocked into the boards last night?  At first I was just taken back by it so much that I, much like Colby, didn't catch the number of the guy that hit him.  However, upon further review (and thanks to our open thread contributors) I found out that Cooke is the one who layed him out. 

I suppose it just serves as irony that Army beat Fleury for a goal, but it also served up some memories of the past as well when we saw him get robbed earlier in the night by a (dare I say?) Mike Richter-esque glove save.  There was plenty more of the latter during his time in Pitt...