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Penguins postmortem: Maple Leafs win 7-3

Go to Pension Plan Puppets if you want to see Leafs fans gloat.

Did the Pittsburgh Penguins show up to play tonight?  I know I saw two teams out there on the ice, but I'm pretty sure only one came to play.

Coming off what some (me) deemed a rally win over the Atlanta Thrashers Thursday night, I was pretty convinced the Penguins were ready to kick off some sort of turnaround to what we can only gently deem a weak start to a new month of hockey.  That wasn't the case tonight.  The Penguins played like minor leaguers tonight.  No heart, no passion and no obvious desire to win.

Trust me, I could find better words and phrases to describe tonight's debacle but I pride a moderate sense of ethics here at Pensburgh.

Speaking of ethics...

Andre Deveaux.  When your team has a four goal lead, you back down from a challenge and try to find some sanctity in drawing a penalty?  Honor the code.  Not to mention you finally decided to throw down later in the game long after Eric Godard is sent off the ice for a game misconduct (same four goal lead I might add) and pick a fight with one of the Penguins' lesser known lightweights?  Give me a break.  I hope Godard adjusts your jaw on January 31.

Consider this: the Leafs nearly doubled the Pens' shots 40 to 23.  Whenever a team is on the receiving end of a ratio like that and can't respond in kind it's going to spell disaster.

On the dimly lit side of things, at least this wasn't a shutout.  Marc-Andre Fleury was on the receiving end of some bad bounces tonight.  I can clap it up for the Leafs' ability to form some screens in front, something I can similarly point fingers at the Pens' defense for, but all in all this loss wasn't Fleury's fault.  Very poor team effort as a whole.

The good: Sykora found the net twice, once on the only PPG of the night.  But whatever.

The bad: Bad luck has struck once again

The ugly: The Pittsburgh Penguins

The worthless: Andre Deveaux

Next game: Monday.  Sabres.  7:00.