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Tales of the Tape: Toronto Maple Leaves 12-20-08, Ruslan Fedotenko vs. Andre Deveaux

The Maple Leafs game was not pretty, that's for sure. If you're looking for any kind of closure, this fight is not the place to find it...but let's take a look anyway.

When Fedotenko instigated the fight, Deveaux seemed actually surprised, as Fedotenko had already cracked him in the face twice before he got to it. Of, course, from there it wasn't pretty, as Deveaux got some wicked shots off on his opponent. Fedotenko actually got back in it a bit before Deveaux resumed his beating and took Fedotenko down to the ice. I'm notching it as a loss for Fedotenko.

Of course, you may notice that Fedotenko's not a player you see dropping the gloves very often. This is actually his fourth NHL fight, and the first since October 13, 2001. For his first fight in seven years, Fedotenko didn't too that bad, especially against a guy who has had, going into this one, 9 fights this year alone (3 in the NHL, 6 in the AHL) and 49 since Fedotenko's last one. Got to give it to Ruslan for courage.