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Michel Therrien: 'It's Sidney's team' or 'We'll see next game?'

Update: Apparently this quote is under some skewed interpretation right now. If you listen to it at first, it easily sounds like "It's Sidney's team." In fact, even the AP story ran with that. Under further review, Tony from Confluence and the boys over at EmptyNetters have confirmed Therrien said, "We'll see next game."

In effort to alleviate a long load time on the main page, I tossed up a video of Michel Therrien's press conference after the jump. I'll be the first to tell ya - it's not exactly exciting and riveting coverage. However, there are a few statements that raise a question mark. Few? OK. All.

For example: MT starts off this clip by saying, "It was a bad game by everyone involved."

Can't argue that sentiment.

He further reiterates this point seconds later. "It's not about Marc-Andre. Everyone, not one guy, not ten guys, everyone."

But it's really the final comment that gets me. Taken in sarcasm, bitterness or perhaps even as a sign of a shakeup, Therrien states, "It's Sidney's team." He then walks off the stage.


See for yourself in the vid...

Again, I don't quite get what he's trying to do here. In 1:15 seconds Therrien manages to go from blaming the team, to saying it's no one's fault, to finally stapling it as "Sidney's team."

I'm confused.