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Sidney Crosby deflects game-winner in 4-3 win over Sabres

(Video of "questionable" goal available after the jump)

For the Sabres perspective check out Die By the Blade

Did you hear? The Penguins' power play converted on 100% of their chances against the Sabres.

Don't believe me, huh? Well it's true.

So what if they only had one chance all night on behalf of a well-disciplined Buffalo Sabres team? That's just a prime example of taking one team's mistake and turning it into an opportunity of your own.

Also, if you haven't heard by now, Sidney Crosby is the NHL's Golden Boy. For the next day or so you'll likely hear stories of how Crosby's goal was not legal and Gary Bettman himself was in the Toronto War Room with a gun to the replay judge's head.

"It's a goal," Bettman said, cocking back the hammer. "Right?"

"Yes sir."

Say what you will about the goal, but the refs didn't wave it off right away and the Versus staff seemed pretty convinced it was legit as well. Rest assured you won't hear any complaints from this blog - the Pens need any win they can get and I'll gladly watch them steal it like that.

Props to Alex Goligoski and his two-goal night. His shots didn't rocket off the stick like a Gonchar slapper would but the wrist shot hit the target with dead-eye precision.

Marc-Andre Fleury also looked sharp in net despite giving up a goal one minute into the game. If the Penguins' offense won the game then Fleury kept them in it.

And by Penguins' offense I mean Gary Bettman of course...

Thanks to EmptyNetters for finding the goal clip

The good: Marc-Andre Fleury's ability to keep the Pens in it.

The better: Kris Letang made some great plays on loose pucks that you'll never read about on a stat sheet.

The best: Alex Goligoski's two goals.

The hero: Sidney Crosby's deflection.

Next game: Tomorrow. Lightning. 7:30.