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Scouting the Enemy: New Jersey Devils


: 19-10-3

Leading scorers: Zach Parise (18G, 22A, 40pts), Patrick Elias (16G, 21A, 37pts)

Blogs: In Lou We Trust

First off, I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday.  As far as I'm concerned it came and went way too fast, but then again I've been doing the same family tradition thing for the past 25+ years.  After a while they all blend together.  With any luck you didn't rock an ugly holiday sweater, like these found on the Devils' site.

On to hockey...

The Penguins and Devils skate into tonight's game in the aftermath of shutouts.  The Devils fell 2-0 to the Bruins Tuesday night, while the Pens were victimized by the same score on the same night at the hands of the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Needless to say, neither team is happy about this.

Scott Clemmensen is still an animal in net for the Devils.  If not for a blocked shot that put him out of position for a goal the other night, it's likely the Devs and Bruins would've taken a 0-0 stalemate to OT and beyond.  He and Boston's Tim Thomas were really going head to head in goaltending heroics.

Tonight's game may provide the Pens with a chance to pick up some ground in the Atlantic Division.  The Devils are just one point ahead with 41 (although two less games - shhh), so a win would at least for the time being edge the Pens ahead just a bit.  Considering the team's struggles against Atlantic rivals this month (Islanders excluded of course) it would be nice to see the Pens do just that.