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Marc-Andre Fleury blanks Devils, Penguins win 1-0

To witness the pains of sulking Devils fans be sure to check out In Lou We Trust

Video highlights after the jump, including MAF's 'questionable' save

More often than not 1-0 games aren't exactly known for their excitement.  Maybe there are a few instances of good hits, smart heads up play or chances that were mere inches away from turning the tide of the game, but to say it was the best game you ever went to might be a bit far fetched.

Well, I was there tonight at the Prudential Center in Newark and I have to say it wasn't the best game I've been to.  Don't get me wrong, it's great to see the Devils held scoreless as MAF picks up a shutout, but exciting is hardly the word to describe it.  "Good" is just about right.

At times I was on the edge of my seat, twisting in agony at some of the Penguins' stupid plays and rearing in relief as Devils' shots went wide of the cage.  In fact MAF had some close calls whiz past him.  Lucky for him (and the Pens) he was either in the right place at the right time to make one of his 37 saves or among the many Penguins fans that were grateful to see the Devils miss an open net.  I believe I counted three chances where the Devils missed "just wide" of an empty net or came "this close" to connecting on a pass that would've had Fleury out of position.

Gotta hand it to the Pens' D tonight, especially the penalty kill.  When Ryan Whitney took the penalty in the last minute of the third I thought that would pose as the turning point of the game.  Let's not forget the Devils/Pens match back on October 11 when MAF stopped 40+ shots yet still managed to drop the game in OT.  Hence why I was not ruling out the possibility.

MAF stayed strong and the PK killed with the efficiency of a sniper on a grassy knoll in all five shorthanded attempts.  I'd like to say something about how inadequate the power play looks, but I feel I'd just be repeating my game recaps from the past two months.

To top off the night I was able to meet up with John from In Lou We Trust who commented he was worried I would beat him up and steal his wallet.  I'd like to think I don't look that intimidating but I guess I always keep my guard up when I'm rooting for the away team.  Still a good time either way.

2:50 to check out the goal that was under review

The good: Penalty kill.  Nice work, keep it up.

The better: Ruslan Fedotenko nets the only goal?  Wow - on your way out of the dog house.

The best: MAF - no doubt about it.  37 saves, amazingly close calls and just sound play.

The funny: Toss up between the boos from fans when the second period goal was disallowed, John's pregame jab of, "I hope your team doesn't win" and the Devils' inability to score a goal in six periods of hockey.

Next game: Saturday.  Canadiens.  7:00.