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Scouting the Enemy: Montreal Canadiens


: 18-9-6

Leading scorers: Alex Tanguay (10G, 16A, 26pts), Alexei Kovalev (8G, 18A, 26pts), Andrei Markov (5G, 21A, 26pts)

Blogs: Habs Eyes on the Prize
(easily one of the best Habs blogs on the Net.  You can get lost for days on there in all of the information)

Even though the Canadiens have played two less games than the Pens, both teams remained tied at 42 points in the East.  Similar to the scenario heading into the Devils game on Friday, this is easily a chance for the Pens to gain some temporary ground.  More importantly it's a chance for Pitt to gain a permanent boost in esteem to close out a month that didn't start in their favor.

If anything this also stands as a chance for the Pens to show the league which team deserves to have players at the top of the All-Star votes.  You know, the team that has two players over 45 points each as opposed to the team that has three players tied at 26.  Not to mention a goalie (MAF) who holds an 11-5-2 record despite missing upwards of three weeks with a lower body injury.

To make matters all the better it's likely Therrien will give Fleury the nod again tonight.  MT has been known to go with the hot hand although he's also known to give guys the night off if they play the first half of a double header.  I wouldn't be surprised if he's in net again tonight.

One of the things I've always noticed about the Canadiens when I watch them play any opponent is the efficiency in which they handle the puck.  They look like another team playing in their own world miles above the rest of the league.  Hopefully the Pens' offense can put up some shots tonight, increase the chances and maybe, just MAYBE score more than a single goal.  With Carey Price in net it won't pose as the hardest of tasks, but it would be nice to get this win before taking on the Beast of the East Boston Bruins on Tuesday.