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Pittsburgh Penguins fall to Canadiens 3-2

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I get it - this is turning into one of those win one, lose one and repeat sort of scenarios.  Well I don't like it.

At least early on in the game it looked like the Pens would have a few bounces go their way; literally.  Pascal Dupuis popped his eighth of the year late in the first on one of those ridiculous "it only happens to FrankD in NHL 09" sort of goals.  Of course, this tied the game 1-1 but the Habs would soon take the lead once again with less than two seconds remaining in the period.

Amazingly the Penguins out-shot the Canadiens tonight but still managed to lose.  Fleury was only challenged on 19 shots but blocked 16.  His eternal struggles against Montreal continue.

The Canadiens' Carey Price on the other hand stopped 32 of the 34 shots faced, upstaging Fleury's otherwise shaky start. 

Oddly enough the one thing that stands out to me from tonight's game is Pitt's discipline.  Aside from Evgeni Malkin's first period penalty for holding the stick, the Penguins managed to stay out of the box which in turn prevented Montreal from getting the man advantage. 

When the Pens were given the opportunity to skate with an extra man, they once again failed to produce in yet another example of over passing, under shooting power-play attempts.  0-for-5 on the night is starting to look like the norm.

The good: Sid and Dupuis each picked up a goal and an assist

The bad: The power play went 0-for-5, but perhaps we should just be used to this.

The ugly: That second Montreal goal in the first period.

Next game: Tuesday.  7:30.  Bruins.