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Hockey news roundup - hockey players shouldn't play soccer

As you can see I'm still struggling with some sort of title for this ongoing series of regular linkage to other sites.  I guess a title hardly matters though as long as I get the point across.

This week we'll take a look at the obvious hat trick of Pens blogs, along with some recent news around the league regarding a hockey player injured from a soccer ball, junior hockey and what Don Cherry is saying about Sid.

Hat trick of Penguins blogs

This is getting old offers up a pic of their bobble head of the week.  Hint: the player leads the NHL in All Star votes.

Empty Netters is always good for the random jersey pics at games, but this week they have one that really baffles the mind.  I know I've seen this blue and black old school starter jersey before, but I don't recall EVER seeing it in a game.  Perhaps it was a practice jersey that hit the market?

Lori from My Three Favorite Things took in some minor league hockey in Virginia this week.  She can give you all a quick lesson in "Vulgar Sign Making 101."

Bonus: The idiot Don Cherry believes Sidney Crosby should focus less on being the face of the NHL and more on doing his job as a Penguin.  Hate to say it, but he kinda has a point.

Around the league

Sportnet reports that the Maple Leafs' Matt Stajan will be a scratch this week after taking a soccer ball off the eye during a pre-game warmup.  Stick to hockey man.  Pension Plan Puppets is your blog for other Maple Leafs news.

The Washington Capitals retired number 11 for Mike Gartner. Not bad for 10 years of service there, but I'll forever remember him as a Rangers only because 1. I wasn't old enough to remember his as a Cap and 2. If I'm not mistake he wore number 22 because of Messier's dibs on 11.  Japer's Rink is the place to be for Caps news on SBN.

THN reports Canada's junior team destroyed Kazakhstan 15-0.  Sure, that's almost like saying you beat a double amputee in the high jump, but it's still a flattering feat.

Although he was never a Penguin, I have a lot of respect for Jim Dowd and I'm happy to see is giving him his props.  I met and interviewed him and Bruce Driver during a charity hockey game this past summer and he's just about as down to earth as they come.  It's awesome that he's finding his place after hockey.  He'll forever hold the record however for most NHL teams (10) over the span of a career (16 years).  Correction: Mike Sillinger holds the record, thanks to the inquisitive eye of Pensburgh user JustinM.


Yes I know - it's a hockey blog.  But the Pittsburgh Steelers are playoff bound despite the recently concussed Ben Roethlisberger.  For the visiting Steelers fans, be sure to check out one of the best Steeler blogs on the Net: Behind The Steel Curtain.