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Hockey Fight: Eric Godard vs Colton Orr

(JDUNMAN EDIT: I was actually writing Tales of the Tape when Frank posted this - so here's what I said about it.)

Occasionally one might wonder just what a player like Eric Godard's definitive role on the team is. I might question just how much hockey that one is actually watching, but it's a fair question...and Godard gave us a fair answer with his fight against fellow goon agitator Colton Orr.

The setup was a bit of a push (more like a love tap) from Orr to Sidney Crosby which didn't go over well with Godard. Doing the job he's paid to do, Godard went straight out of the faceoff to Orr, and after a bit of shoving the gloves came off and the two went at it. The fight went an announced 52 seconds, and was a good exchange of blows. The two are known for their fists, and they didn't disappoint.

Well, actually Godard disappointed, as he clearly took more shots than gave out. At one point he actually switched hands to try to get a better position, but Orr was ready for it. So Godard gets the loss, but we get a good scrap.