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Where's the enforcer? Eric Godard : Game On

This is a topic I was throwing around a bit the other night after the Rangers routed the Penguins in that miserable shootout win.  You may remember Colton Orr was all over Crosby - keeping him out of plays, irritating him and trying to pester a penalty or two along the way as well.  More or less the guy was doing his job, and a good one at that.

But where was Eric Godard?  Sure, God and Orr threw down earlier in the night but it doesn't stop after just one fight.  We need him out there when Orr starts getting under Crosby's skin.  If anything, drop the mitts again and take him off the ice for five minutes.  Give Sid and Geno some space to work with.

Ultimately I understand this is all Michel Therrien's call.  When things got heated earlier in the night Therrien threatened to throw Godard out there to mix things up.  I think he'd be much more effective if utilized when needed most.  When the other team's agitator starts to take liberties with our players?  Game on Godard.  When the rink isn't giving Sid and Geno room to skate with?  Game on Godard.

It almost hurts to see the Canadiens using Big Georges Laraque so little this season.  He'd be much more effective back in Pitt in front of the crowd that worshiped the ground he walked on.  He didn't rack up points,  but he definitely made it easier for Crosby and Malkin to do it.

But that was '07.  This is '08.

Make it happen out there.  Give our scorers some space.  An effective enforcer can single-handedly swing the momentum of the game in favor of his team.  I sense Godard is capable of doing that, but it's going to take some effort.

Game on Godard.