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Penguins lose to Senators 3-2, road trip ends

Final - 12.6.2008 1 2 3 Total
Pittsburgh Penguins 0 1 1 2
Ottawa Senators 0 3 0 3

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These 2:00 games are not working out too well for the Penguins.  There was that whole season opener in Sweden against the Sens that started the season 1-1.  Last month they had a miserable outing against the Canucks in a game that saw Robert Luongo go down with an injury.  And then there was today - a game where the bounces were just not working in favor of the Pens.

At least the road trip is over.  For one game at least.

The Senators absolutely dominated the first period.  Frankly, Dany Sabourin was the sole reason why the period ended in a scoreless tie.  Otherwise that would've easily been a two or three goal first for the Sens.

The Pens showed some signs of life in the second period - in fact it was the power play showing some light once again with a Jordan Staal goal.  Of course the Senators also produced three goals in the second period, so really it was just a build up to what could have been a strong Pittsburgh finish in the third.

Unfortunately that was not the case.  The Senators held the Pens to only one goal (albeit PLENTY of close chances) and secured the win to take a 2-0-1 series edge.

This was only the third time this year Dany Sabourin gave up more than two goals in a game.  On November 8 against the Islanders the Pens worked out the victory in that whole questionable "where was the puck" shootout win.  The other time just happened to be against the Islanders as well, this time on November 26 when Sabu gave up three goals by the second period.  Lucky for him John Curry got the win in relief and Evgeni Malkin rocked a third period hat trick.

The chances were definitely there today for the Pens to capitalize.  Kris Letang had what was probably the best chance in the third period with a little over a minute remaining when he shot the puck just wide of a relatively open net.  Make that shot and it's some reprieve for the Spezza goal that went in off your skate.

Puck movement was there all game, passes went tape-to-tape and Evgeni Malkin charged forward with the shorthanded unit.  What more can you say?  The Pens lose 3-2.

The good: Jordan Staal.  1G, 1A

The bad: Kris Letang.  Wide-open net, puck off skate...

The ugly: 19 shots for the game (6-8-5) to Ottawa's 31 (12-7-12)

Next game: Monday.  7:30.  Sabres.