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Rob Scuderi is a Jets fan and I'm cool with that

No, not the Winnipeg Jets - the New York Jets.  That crazy and wacky American foolzball game.

Here we are on Sunday, a day that for as long as I can remember is dedicated to the devout following of American football.  As my Catholic grandmother used to say, "God has me in the morning, the NFL takes over at 1."

As a New York Jets fan myself, I guess I can find some shared excitement with the Pens' own Rob Scuderi.  Scuds is a Jets fan and like many Jets fans is used to an upbringing of failure, disappointment, false hope and complete misery.  Many have joked since the early 90s that J-E-T-S is merely an acronym for, "Just End The Season."  But this year is different with Brett Favre at the helm.

According to the Post-Gazette, Scuderi also embarks in some friendly trash talk with Patriots fans in the locker room.  Both Hal Gill and Ryan Whitney are devout followers of the New England Patriots, one of the Jets' biggest rivals.

This season, though, the Jets are making a serious bid for the AFC East championship, and Scuderi is lashing back, as only he would.

"Every Sunday night, I get the occasional text saying, 'Go, Jets' and stuff like that," Whitney said.


Just as a friendly reminder to Pensburgh readers and football fans, SBN has an extensive collection of blogs covering the NFL.  So whether or not you're rooting for the Jets or Patriots, you're sure to get your football fix from the SBN home page.