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Hockey Blog Round-Up


Hat trick of Penguins blogs

Newest addition to the Penguins blogosphere: I Bleed Black 'n Gold.  Stop by and check it out - they have a pretty rad logo at the top of the page.

You may have seen some sketches come across the likes of the Pensburgh fanshots section over  the past few months.  Well if you haven't seen them all (which you should) I advise you check out the home page for Sidney Crosby (and Satan) sketches.

It's good to see readers and Wilkes-Barre Pens fans over at The Citizen's Voice have good things to say about Ben Lovejoy.  Personally I think he played pretty well out there for a guy in his first NHL game.

The others

Happy to say this past week in SBN Hockey has been a busy one.  Some new additions to the blogs here that you must check out.  For starters, welcome The Battle of California.  They existed previously on Blogger and had quite the loyal following.  Check 'em out.

Others to join this past week that you may or may not have seen given a shout out on here are LitterBox Cats (Florida Panthers) and Habs Eyes on the Prize (the, well...Habs).

The Devils have some guys returning to the lineup here and there since suffering injuries earlier in the season.  Since the Pens will look to pick up a win tomorrow night, you best be scoutin In Lou We Trust for some info.

Adding to yet another busy week of hockey (and blogging) the Islanders are on tap Thursday night.  Lighthouse Hockey can humor you in that department.

Looking ahead

Hey, we have two more games before the weekend but admittedly I'm looking forward to Saturday the most.  Why you ask?  Well that's easy - it's the Flyers.  Not to mention it's also a 1:00 game which, depending on your schedule, can be a pretty nice game to watch.  Obviously I can't stand the team, but I'm a pretty big fan of the work done by Flyers Goal Scored By...