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Brooks Back to D - Beech Joins Team

It happened for such a short span of time you may not have noticed.  Regular defenseman, Brooks Orpik, was given the responsibility of winger as of Tuesday's game against the Devils.  The move to wing was made by coach Michel Therrien who has no doubt been struggling to maintain lines amidst the injuries and ailments of the hobbling Pens team.

Orpik, scoreless in his last 180 games (thanks KellyFisher) failed to tally  a red light in his two games flanking center.  He did however receive a cheap thrill on a chip off the crossbar late in the third on Wednesday's game against the Thrashers.

Kris Beech, up until just a day or two ago, had been facing work visa problems coming into the states.  Forced to find someone to fill the void, Therrien promoted Brooks to the wing.  The blueliner's return to the corners is expected this Saturday against the Hurricane in Carolina.  In any case, Michel Therrien knows that should a winger be necessary, Brooks is only a call away.  

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