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Penguins vs Flyers Open Thread - Battle of PA Round V

Pittsburgh Penguins (31-19-5) vs Philadelphia Flyers (30-19-5)
In Pittsburgh at 1:00 PM
Watch on FSN/Center Ice or listen live at WXDX.COM

Pens are 0-4 vs the Flyers this year
Joffrey Lupul is back in the lineup
The Flyers lost to the Rangers 2-0 last night
Downie and Laraque may have some unfinished business
A Pens loss puts the Flyers and Pens tied for first again

As Killer93 mentioned in the Kings/Pens open thread, this game was supposed to be on NBC.  Looks like Sid's injury made the networks pull it.  Little do they know there are other players on the Pens capable of hording the spotlight.  They already knew at the beginning of the season that there isn't a single Flyer worthy of the attention, so cancelling the game was the logical move in the network's mind.  Instead they chose to take the Ducks/Wild game.