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Penguins 4 Flyers 3 - First Place by Four Points

The picture says it all

Of all the Sidless victories the Pens have amassed since the captain's injury none have ever tasted so sweet.  

Prior to the puck drop, my center ice connection once again decided it wouldn't want to cooperate.  Considering my countless calls to my cable provider and a promise of resolution within the next 24 hours, I was left without the sense of sight for the entire Penguins vs Flyers match-up.

Now, of all the rivalries this is the one to watch.  There's practically a guaranteed fight in every match.  Instead, I was left to enjoy the game via the methods of our parents' generation: radio.  Using WXDX's audio feed, I proceeded to "watch with my ears", as they say...somewhere.

No doubt a solid performance from the Pens' number one line.  Sykora, Gonch and Malkin all netted goals, while Letang secured the victory with a tally in the third.  In typical Penguins fashion, as of late at least, there had to be some sort of third period collapse to draw the score closer in numbers than it was contested.  Regardless of how and when the Flyers scored, the Pens still walked away the victors in a 4-3 win in front of the home crowd.

The Penguins were lucky to walk out of the first tied at one.  Considering their three minor penalties (two of which were combined for a Talbot double-minor), one goal against to the number two ranked power play in the league wasn't half bad.  The PK unit killed with the efficiency of Wendy's Baconator, holding the second best PP unit to a admirable yet below average 1-4 on the night.  

Not once was Brierre's name thrown around the radio waves, and I'd assume the same for the TV broadcast.  Luckily, the same can't be said for Malkin, who accumulated four more points in today's contest.  The distance between him and Ovechkin is edging ever so closer.

All in all I'd say listening to the WXDX feed was nostalgic.  As of typing this I've yet to watch the game (thanks to a loving friend across the way), but I don't think I really need to.  The goals in my head are much more spectacular than could ever be fathomed.

I'm kidding.  I want my center ice back and I want it back now.  Do you have any idea how the lack of visuals eats away at a man's soul?  Luckily the highlights await me on the NHL Network's On the Fly.  As for the fight between Ruutu and Downie, I've now known for quite some time that I can rely on Pensburgh's own Dunman to come through.

Onto other news...

PensKorn66 brought to my attention that Marc-Andre Fleury has been sent down to WBS for some playtime before his full-time return to the lineup.  Although I'd love to see the Pens harness a one-two punch with Fleury and Conks, I'm in no rush to see them potentially disrupt the 4-0-1 February record.  Hopefully MAF's return can also bring a healthy Tyler Kennedy back to the Pens, followed shortly thereafter by Gary Roberts and Sid.  That's when the Pens really make a rush for the conference title.

The birds have the next two days off before another double-header against the Bruins and Hurricanes on Wednesday and Thursday night.  The puck drops at 7:30 and 7:00, respectively.

Hopefully by next game my center ice feed shall return.  For the sake of everyone at the Optimum Networks, let's hope so.