Tales of the Tape: vs. Philadelphia Flyers 2/10/08

It's almost a given, especially this season, that when the Pens meet the Flyers, at least one fight is going to break out.  We only got one in the Pens' winning effort, but man, was it a good one.

Just past the 17:00 mark in the 1st period, Jarkko Ruutu hit Steve Downie into the boards and the two didn't waste much time before they dropped the gloves.  Downie looked like he was out on his skates as they started, but that didn't keep him from trading some heavy shots with Ruutu.  This one went quite a while, staying pretty even, until Downie broke it off and skated away, to the chagrin of the crowd.  This is the first I've seen (lately at least) of someone just leave a fight, and especially someone like Steve Downie.  It was obvious he was exhausted, but still - just leaving?  That gives Ruutu the win, though I would have much preferred to see him get it through a takedown (or even the elusive KO).

Jarkko Ruutu - 4 fights (3,1,0)

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